Ideal fermentation: Your forage-making advantage

The Optimal Culture

Sila-Prime is a starter-culture of beneficial microorganisms proven in the field over 30 years. Hay and silage producers apply Sila-Prime as a first step in best management practice for a more controlled fermentation environment. Resulting crops are available fast, retain more dry matter and nutrients, and avoid problems like spoilage and run-off.

Sila-Prime is the optimal culture for creating true feed value. Our products are non-corrosive and available in granular or water-soluble applications.

Why Sila-Prime?

The Professionals Behind the Innovation

Star-Labs joined forces with Forage Research, Inc. and together we have created a reputation for being a reliable supplier of beneficial microbial cultures through almost forty years of positive client relationships. Our industry knowledge and experience has turned our business into a global one, in which we develop solutions across sectors, from large and small feed companies to silage producers.

Star Labs

Products Driven by Experience

Through decades of in-the-field experience, we have honed our product offering to ensure optimal results.

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Why use Sila-Prime?

Sila-Prime helps create a fermentation environment conducive to high-nutrient, problem-free feed crops. Better feed means better feed conversions in livestock.

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