What is Sila-Prime?

Sila-Prime is a management tool in an effective feed generation program. It is a culture added to organic materials in order to create a fermentation environment conducive to high-nutrient, problem-free feed crops. Better feed means better feed conversions in livestock. Sila-Prime clients see improved feed efficiency and average daily gains in stock.

How does it work?

A successful silage or hay making process begins with control of pH in the mass of organic material. Sila-Prime supplies a combination of microorganisms like Lactobacillus casei. When activated by moisture, the culture produces Lactic acid and lowers pH levels. Silage or hay cures cooler, resulting in a product with high nutrient value that appeals to livestock with highly natural color and aroma.

An ideal management program

Sila Prime bag

Crops treated with Sila-Prime culture retain more:

  • Protein
  • Measurable energy values
  • Vitamins
  • Dry matter

Early treatment with Sila-Prime keeps grass and fodder materials cool and prevents many of the problems that follow from over-heating, including:

  • Nutrient burn-out (loss of proteins, vitamins, and energy values like N.F.E.)
  • Run-off and pollution
  • Spoilage